Company Culture & Diversity

Learn more about our foundation of principles and diversity plan

Miller Engineering & Research Corporation (MERC) operates on a foundation of strong values and the belief that our employees are our strongest asset. Maintaining a high standard of integrity and unwavering customer commitment, while at the same time fostering an environment of teamwork and trust, is paramount to our belief that collaborating and succeeding together creates far greater results than what would be possible alone.

In addition, we believe that a diverse workforce inspires innovation and provides a wide range of lenses in which to tackle our core challenges. We continually seek to ensure we are promoting an environment where diversity and inclusion is valued and encouraged by focusing on finding the right person for the job, regardless of age, race, gender, or minority. Creating an environment where everyone’s unique strengths and perspectives are leveraged is critical to our future success and shapes our commitment to fostering a healthy and passionate workforce.